Tooth Whitening

Special package pricing of $299.00 for first time visitors
includes oral health assessment, 45 min scaling, polish, oral hygiene instruction and related products and 30 min tooth whitening session.

Treatment subject to individualized client care and may not be suitable for all clients.  Call for further information

Includes: Picture: Smiling Woman

  • Oral assessment to determine suitability to whitening system.
  • Oral cancer screening. (6 STEP and luminescence tool)
  • Oral hygiene tips pertinent to your mouth.
  • After care instructions and products to help maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

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Tooth Whitening in 1.5 HoursTooth Whitening

  • Boost confidence and self esteem
  • Make a great 1st impression

Includes maintenance pen  ($35.Value)  
Results may vary.  
Price is subject to change without notice.  


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"With the care of you teeth trust only dental professionals to ensure safety and quality in "professional" tooth whitening products and services."