Independent Dental Hygiene

In Ontario there are over 400 independent dental hygiene offices offering services in alternative practice settings.

What are the benefits of seeing an Independent Dental Hygienist?

Clients often seek an alternative to the traditional dental office dental hygiene visit because of:

Picture: Smiling clientelle
  • wanting more personalized care / information and knowledge
  • long wait times to get an appointment
  • high cost
  • pressure to accept treatments they don’t completely understand, cannot afford, or have not been made a part of the planning process

Most importantly though, it's because they are making a decision to become more educated, involved and responsible for their oral health, to reduce the annual and lifetime cost of dental care and to have their teeth for a lifetime of good health and happiness.

Does this mean I'll need to visit the dentist as well?

Not necessarily.  During your appointment, a complete oral assessment of your teeth and gum tissue will be done to determine if there is a need to be referred to a specialist.

If you need to see a specialist (dentist, ear, nose & throat, nutritionist, etc.), we can refer you to professionals whom we know and trust or you can make an appointment with your current dentist if you already have one.  The choice is always yours.

We do however; strongly suggest you have a regular exam by your dentist at least once every two years with prescribed x-rays to diagnose any dental issues that cannot be seen with the naked eye.