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Offering you an alternative in preventative oral health care services, Confident Smiles wants to help you understand the importance of your oral health to your general health and leave you with a new appreciation of ‘clean teeth’ and the confidence of how to care for them.

Why?    Because your life depends on it.

How?    Because the mouth is the window to the health

  • If you're not brushing and flossing everyday
  • If you notice swollen, redder tissues and bleeding when you do floss
  • If its been more than a year

....then you probably have gum disease or Gingivitis.  And now your body is putting all its healing energy to combat the chronic infection in your mouth, stressing the limits of your immune system, putting you at a higher risk of developing heart disease, respiratory problems and certain cancers.

Keeping your mouth healthy is a vital component to achieving and maintaining a health body.

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@ Confident Smiles

I provide the same dental hygiene services you'd normally received when I was working in a dentist's office but much more.

  • An oral cancer screening using the 6 Step Protocol and a luminescence tool called a Velscope.  www.velscope.com
  • longer appointment time/less rush
  • individualized care as everyone's needs are different
  • a review of your diet and dietary habits
  • all treatment recommendations will be fully explained to you before we decide to proceed
  • convenient appointment times

We focus on improving your oral health care experience.

What do you want to know?

You now have the opportunity to tell me what you want to know more about, less about or just visit for some regular care and encouragement.

Any problem you may have could be caused by or aggravated by diet and dietary habits, stress, smoking, hormonal changes and/or oral care products and habits so lets take the time to find out.

You don't know you don't know
until you know.

Call today for a new experience in dental hygiene care,

(then recommend your friends and loved ones do the same)

We have convenient appointment times to suit your schedule.

  • Same day, next day?  Evening, Saturdays?  Whenever you need it.  Appointment times vary, as do peoples needs.  If you need 45 minutes or 1½ hrs, you will never be rushed out the door for the next client and I always start on time.
  • Convenient processing of Insurance claims.
    (For a list of some insurance providers see Fees & Payment)
  • I can offer unbiased opinions answering your dental questions and concerns.
  • Referrals to dentists and other specialists who I know and trust.
  • Simplified communication with your specialists for continuous care and record keeping.
  • One hour in-office tooth whitening, fast, convenient and easy to do.  (free consultation as tooth whitening may not be suitable for all clients, outcomes vary)

Prefer a more natural approach in your oral health care products?

Not sure where to start?  Michelle has an extensive knowledge of natural and unconventional products and services.  Rinses, toothpastes, Xylitol gum and mints, SPF lip balm etc.

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And remember, a smile is a universal expression understood by every human being on earth.

It's free to give and enriching to those who receive it.

Share a smile, everyday with someone new.